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Live Your Best Cottagecore Life


Picnic basket with plates and cutlery in a wheat field. Cottage Core. Glamping. mindfulness. Toghill House Farm. Wick. Bath.


What is cottagecore?

Have you ever thought about leaving the urban rat race, moving to the sticks and spending your days baking bread, knitting socks, and frolicking in nature? If so, cottagecore could be for you. Swap your brutalist concrete for natural stone and harsh metal metals for soft rustic wood. And definitely forego any restrictive wardrobe attire, think puff sleeves and lots of ruching. At its heart, cottagecore is a nod to a nostalgic way of life without the stressful distractions including emails, 24-hour rolling news channels, and public transport.

The cottagecore aesthetic represents a slower, intentional and grounded way of life. While on the surface it may seem that cottagecore is exclusively 19th-century English countryside and people cosplaying Bo Peep, cottagecore can mean a lot of different things to lots of different people. It can even be walking your dog in the woods, no headphones and simply being in the moment with nature.

Living cottagecore life

Cottagecore allows for escapism; bringing colour to a black and grey world. The fairy-tale and folklore aesthetic can bring a calm influence into your life and feed your inner child joy. Cottagecore can be an excellent way to bring mindfulness into your life, which can improve your overall mental health. The main thing is to not throw yourself completely into cottagecore and worry if you ‘look right’. Start by incorporating positive habits into your life that involve little to no electronics. Taking up a skills-based hobby such as knitting, pottery, embroidery, baking, sewing is cottagecore fan favourites. As too are picnics in fields and long country walks. It doesn’t hurt to wear pastel gingham and carry a wicker basket for flower picking, but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t. Read on to see the top five cottagecore aesthetic pieces.

Top 5 cottagecore aesthetic

  • Light and flowing garments such as blouses, dresses, skirts. Layering a pinafore dress over a white blouse is the perfect attire to recreate the opening to Beauty and the Beast. Stonewashed loose denim and vintage blouses with elaborate collars and sleeves also create a more practical in-keeping look
  • Patterns and textures. Think blue and pink gingham, canvas cotton, rustic burnt orange corduroy and muted warm palette silks.
  • Gardening and botany. Hand-picking fresh field daisies for your writing desk and Victorian botanical illustrations galore to brighten up refresh a gloomy space. Learn how to propagate plant cuttings and grow your own little box garden.
  • Freshly baked goods. This is an aesthetic piece that can be very easily ‘cheated’. Golden pastry pies and fluffy white bread are perfect for baking beginners. Remember, it doesn’t have to look perfect. Cottage core embraces imperfections.
  • Wood & straw. Baskets, Furniture, accessories, décor, wood and straw are everywhere in cottagecore trends. Often crafted by hand, wooden and straw pieces are a product of a highly trained skill that has been practised for years.



Wood panelled shepherd hut with barn door open. Glamping. cottage core. toghill House Farm. Wick. Bath

At Toghill House Farm we have the perfect get-away space to live your cottagecore dreams. Our beautiful traditional shepherds’ hut ‘Gertie’ instantly transports you to a simpler time. Overlooking The Black Mountains to the west, Mendip Hills to the south and Malvern Hills to the north, you’ll be spoilt for breath-taking landscape views.

Our Gertie is fully self-catering and sleeps 2 comfortably in a king-sized bed. The gorgeous traditional kitchen is fully furnished and ready for you to go ahead and make the cherry, rhubarb or apple pie of your cottagecore dreams, and you can never go wrong with banana bread.

Read more about our Gertie and live your best cottagecore life with us here at Toghill House Farm.